Friday, September 21, 2012

Successful SDAIE Strategy

A successful SDAIE strategy I have observed was used when students were expected to take notes during a lecture. My CT was at the front of the room giving a standard style lecture with a power point slideshow, but the information he expected them to know, and write in their notes, was underlined in a different color. The additional information was in basic white, so this allowed the students to distinguish what was the main information and what was just fluff. It helps the EL students in the room identify what is the most important information, which my CT backs up by repeating the information, asking the class to repeat the important information, and presenting the information with pictures and graphics. This makes a lecture that would otherwise be difficult for an EL to follow, something they could achieve success by simply following what they are asked to do. His expectations are very clearly laid out for them to follow.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

School Site Injustice

There are so many students assigned to our classroom, that this back row is filled with students. They face away from the front of the class and the board. We have to make sure they are on task, because it is easy for them to lose concentration some times.