Saturday, October 6, 2012

Accurate (i + 1) Assessment for English learners

For my SDAIE lesson plan I incorporated a quick lecture along with group work. It was about the French Revolution, and the question I would be asking the class to discuss would be "What do you think was the main cause of the French Revolution?" My assessments were informal, but they would be used to test if my ELL students met the Listening & Speaking Cluster 7 standard: Respond to messages by asking questions, challenging statements, or offering examples that affirm the message. My assessment is a formative informal assessment, and I would do it through observing the ELL students during group work.

 I would consider an approaching standards level if they were able to take part in the group discussion.

 I would consider a level of meeting standards if they were able to offer their opinion and provide some defense of it.

 I would consider a level of exceeding standards if they were able to offer their opinion, provide adequate defense for it, and question the opinions of their group mates.

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